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【陶瓷戒指座工作坊 Ceramic Ring Holder Workshop】(兩堂・2 lessons)

【陶瓷戒指座工作坊 Ceramic Ring Holder Workshop】(兩堂・2 lessons)

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第一堂:設計及製作戒指座 (1.5小時) [可在課堂後預約第二堂時間]


Suitable for beginners with zero experience! Create a unique ceramic ring holder to store your jewelry!

Making a ring holder for your jewelry is not only a practical choice but also a delightful addition to your daily routine. The ring holder provides a designated spot for your jewelry, making it easy to keep things organized. It not only keeps your jewelry safe and easily accessible, greatly reducing the chances of losing precious pieces but also adds a stylish element to your daily life.

Properly storing your jewelry in a ring holder can prevent scratches and damage that may occur when stored improperly. It not only ensures the safety of your jewelry but also, with many of them being aesthetically pleasing, serves as art objects in your house.

Handcrafted from shaping to glazing, and finally designing colors with glaze, every detail is in your hands. Create a jewelry storage piece with fun shapes and practicality, adding an elegant touch to your living space. Combining functionality with art, craft a unique and practical ceramic piece.

Session 1: Design and create the ring holder (1.5 hours) [Can schedule the second session after the class]

Session 2: Glazing (1.5 hours)

|課程人數 Group Size|6-8

|課程費用 Workshop Fee|$360 per person(含材料、講師費,燒窯費 All materials and firing service is included )

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