Our Founder

The Living Light Art

Angelina founded the Living Light Art Studios after she earned her second master’s degree in 2019. Her goal is to create, teach, engage, and mentor through art classes and healing art therapy. The studios specialize in art teaching, international masters workshops, and multidisciplinary special workshops, including bespoke events, projects, and products.

Angelina Li

Founder | Counsellor

“What I love about art is the emotional intensity and variety.

With each painting I discover new nuances, it’s a wonderful uplifting moment every time. But I can only find the access to the soul of art if I open my heart. That’s the only way the art reaches hearts.

Angelina is an artist specializing in ceramics, sculpture, and painting. Her work is inspired by the spirit of water, reflecting how it holds and nourishes lives. As a regular diver, Angelina explores organic forms deep within the ocean, evoking its vibrancy and elegance through her art. She illustrates the dichotomy between the constantly moving sea and the unaffected peace of sea sponges through her ceramics that appear soft and supple despite their stone form.

🎨Oil painting

Angelina studied fine art and multimedia design at the Norwich University of the Arts in England. She then pursued further training on figurative drawing and painting at the Studio Escallier in Paris. Her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and art foundations throughout the years.

Nature is Angelina’s muse. She harmonizes the parallels between humans and nature in her artwork, inviting audiences to explore their own connections to the natural world. Each piece celebrates the wonders of creation, emphasizing how marveling in earth’s beauty is a precious life experience that transcends time and space.


In the last 15 years, Angelina has cultivated a passion for observing marine life during her dives in Bali, Palau, Japan, and the Maldives. Her inspiration stems from sea sponges, rich in textures, forms and multidimensional in size. She mirrors their grace and tranquility using clay, capturing the essence of the way they gently filtering ocean water for better water quality and providing refuge, converting food for other animals on ocean floors.