Our Team

Amber Ng

Studio Development

Amber Ng works across the fields of art, sculpture, glass, drawing and digital media. She has an intimate relationship with the materials and her process and searches for new truths in things that otherwise appear familiar. 



Myron Lai

Studio Development | Ceramist | Tutor
Myron is a ceramic artist based in Hong Kong. His works explore the unknown realm in ceramics, pushing boundaries and possibilities of ceramics by manipulating raw materials. He consciously looks for surprises and aesthetic shock from his practice, yet subconsciously urges to control the uncertainty of the material as the maker.



Aaron Tse

Painting studio | Painter | Tutor
Aaron is a painting artist based in Hong Kong. His artistic practice revolves around the human body, and depicts subjects in a figurative way. He believes every painting is a dialogue, awaiting the viewers to explore and uncover, at the same time reconnecting people together.


Harris Wong

Ceramic Studio | Ceramist | Tutor
Harris is a ceramic artist based in Hong Kong. He desires to remodel articles of daily life in strange and goofy forms, exploring the integration of abstraction and figuration, and questioning conventional discourse and aesthetics. Concentrated on ceramics and printmaking, Harris is obsessed with exploring different dimensions through printing and ceramic sculpture-making.