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立體花畫班 Textured Floral Painting Workshop

立體花畫班 Textured Floral Painting Workshop

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體驗【立體花畫班】(一堂・每堂四小時)(期間限定 Limited Time)

Trial【Textured Floral Painting Workshop】4 hours


In this workshop, students will learn to paint flowers with thickened acrylic paints and create a unique piece of textured floral painting. Techniques such as using the palette knives and mixing thickened acrylic paints will be introduced during the workshop.

|課程人數 Group Size|6

|課課程費用 Workshop Fee|$680 per person(含材料、講師費 All materials is included)

|畫布 Canvas size|30 x 40 cm

|媒介 Medium|塑膠彩 Acrylic

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