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【造型寵物慢食碗 Interactive Slow Feeder Pet Bowl Workshop】(兩堂・2 lessons)

【造型寵物慢食碗 Interactive Slow Feeder Pet Bowl Workshop】(兩堂・2 lessons)

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第一堂:拉坯及製作寵物碗 (四小時) [可在課堂後預約第二堂時間]




In this workshop, participants will work with clay, combining wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques to create unique and aesthetically pleasing pet bowls that prioritize both health and appearance for our furry friends!

1st lesson: Making the pet bowl by wheel-throwing technique & hand-building technique (4 hours)

2nd lesson: Glazing technique: Colouring the pet bowl (3 hours)

Pets often gobble down their food quickly, which can lead to digestive issues such as vomiting or more serious gastrointestinal conditions. Slow feed pet bowls, with their concave and convex surfaces, allow food to be hidden in the crevices of the bowl. This forces pets to take their time licking and maneuvering the food out, slowing down their eating pace. This not only promotes healthier eating habits but also engages them mentally through interactive feeding.

Unlike commonly seen plastic slow-feed bowls, ceramic material is easier to clean and can be sterilized at high temperatures. Its weight also makes it less prone to being tipped over by pets.

|課程人數 Group Size|4

|課程費用 Workshop Fee|$880 per person(含材料、講師費,燒窯費 All materials and firing service is included )

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