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長期 Regular【拉坯基礎班 Introduction to Wheel-Throwing】

長期 Regular【拉坯基礎班 Introduction to Wheel-Throwing】

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Regular【Introduction to Wheel-Throwing】(2 months・8 lessons・2 hours per class)


For beginners, our tutor will guide you progressively according to the course content below. For those who have had experiences, our tutor will provide individualized guidance as necessary.


|課程內容 Class Contents|

第一期 September

第一堂: 泥球預備・泥球置中・基礎成型(一):圓柱體(直筒杯)

1st Class: Clay preparation・Centering・Basic forming I : Cylinder (Pencil Cup)

第二堂: 基礎修坏・手把黏接・基礎裝飾(待素燒)

2nd Class: Basic Trimming・Attaching Handle・Basic Decoration (Bisque Firing)

第三堂: 基礎成型(二):湯碗製作

3rd Class: Basic forming II : Soup Bowl

第四堂: 修坏・基礎上釉

4th Class: Trimming・Basic Glazing


第二期 October(可依個人創作,延續課程主題之創作討論)

(Can be based on individual creation, extending practices of the previous course topic)

第一堂: 基礎成型(三):山型拉坯(高腳杯)

1st Class: Basic forming III: Throwing off a hump (Goblet)

第二堂: 基礎修坏・裝飾技法(待素燒)

2nd Class: Basic Trimming・Decoration Technique  (Bisque Firing)

第三堂: 基礎成型(四): 木板運用(碟)

3rd Class: Basic forming IV: Throwing on a bat  (Making Plate)

第四堂: 裝飾上釉

4th Class: Decoration Technique with Glaze


|課程人數 Group Size|4

|課程費用 Tuition Fee|$1480(一個月四堂為一期,含材料、講師費,燒窯費 4 lessons in a month; All materials and firing service are included )

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