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體驗 Trial【自由繪畫創作班 Freestyle Painting Workshop】

體驗 Trial【自由繪畫創作班 Freestyle Painting Workshop】

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Trial【Freestyle Painting Workshop】(3 hrs)

我們的導師將根據您的興趣引導您探索繪畫和您自己獨特的風格。 在導師的逐步指導下,畫出您喜歡東西。 從油畫、水彩、塑膠彩和粉彩等,選擇出您最喜歡的媒介!

Our tutors will guide you to explore painting and drawing according to your interests and help you find your own unique style. Paint anything you love and savour, with step-to-step guidance of our tutor. From oil pastels and coloured pencils to acrylic paint as well as oil paint, choose what you enjoy the most!

|課程人數 Group Size|4

|課程主題 Subject|風景 Landscape / 靜物 Still-life / 肖像 Portraiture  / 抽像 Abstract etc.

|課程費用 Workshop Fee|$500 per person(含材料、講師費 All materials is included)

|畫布 Canvas size|30 x 40 cm

|媒介 Medium|任選媒介 Any mediums

|開課日期 Date|Flexible Schedule 彈性上課時間

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